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First release of a game i'm working on. First game so it will probably have some kinks here and there but im learning. Hopefully i have time to keep updating it as it is alot of fun learning and experimenting with it.

Story is about a guy who got dealt a shit hand and now has to make the best of it. He's also a bit of a player and he will meet "hopefully" alot of women on his way to success.

there are themes of transformation and maybe mind altering? im not really sure.

mostly M/F but some F/F too probably.

hoping to get some feedback as its my first game and i would like to improve alot.

also im not sure im going to continue with HS for the images, maybe if i can somehow learn daz instead that'd be nice but we'll see. ideally i would like drawn images but i'm not that artistic and i dont have the money to pay someone for it hehe :P

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CareerinTransformation-0.3pc.zip 274 MB

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Hey man, I can recommend you some really high quality games if you're interested in studying some of them to improve. Just let me know and I'll pass you a list with great titles.


Thanks :D